Lasting Partnership with Allem Brothers

Reliable Technology Partner

The longstanding partnership between Allem Brothers and LanDynamix will soon reach its latest milestone with the installation of a fibre-optic connection. Because Allem Brothers is located in Viljoenskroon in the northern Free State, poor and unreliable connectivity poses an increasingly serious barrier in today’s connected business environment.
“The fibre-optic project is a milestone in an ongoing journey to ensure that ICT can provide even better support for the growth strategy of what is a highly complex business,” explains Pierre Gerber, IT manager at Allem Brothers. “LanDynamix continues to play a key role in that journey.”

Allem Brothers buys, sells and stores maize at its silo complex in Viljoenskroon. It also manufactures and distributes maize products for human and animal consumption. The relationship between LanDynamix and Allem Brothers began when the company decided to replace its outdated mail system several years ago with a hosted Exchange solution.
“It was easy to choose LanDynamix because it was apparent that they understood exactly what we wanted, and undertook to provide it at a highly competitive price,” says Gerber. “The relationship grew from there.” LanDynamix successfully managed the migration of Allem Brothers onto its hosted Exchange system, and provides advanced security for all mail traffic and archives.

Managed Security Services

Thereafter, LanDynamix was engaged to provide managed security services to protect Allem Brothers’ network from an increasingly wide range of threats. It provides a comprehensive security solution that includes a firewall to safeguard the network edge, and antivirus and software patching to protect end-users.
The sophisticated automated system constantly monitors Allem Brothers’ IT environment to ensure that all security services and patches are properly deployed and updated, thus reducing the risk of human error.

A subsequent project was the implementation of a managed backup solution to protect Allem Brothers’ data and applications. “Data is one of the most valuable assets of any business and it is crucial to guarantee that it is protected and that reliable back-ups are readily available in the event of data loss.

Gerber says that mutual trust underpins the ongoing partnership between Allem Brothers and LanDynamix. “I have never met another service provider in all my years in the industry that is so focused on customer service. By the same token, they also trust us to do what we are supposed to do. The relationship of trust established over the years has opened an honest communications channel between the companies. When problems arise, LanDynamix and Allem Brothers work as a team to solve them efficiently and effectively.”

  • Project Name Managed Services
  • Client Allem Bothers
  • Category Managed IT Solutions